It is known as the Honda Civic of the drumming world and now Panic Lounge are proud owners of – a Pearl Export kit. Why Honda Civic? Great value, top quality for the price and very popular. Apparently the most popular kit ever made with number one million leaving the Chinese factory in 1995.

Oddly Pearl – a Japanese company – stopped making them and we have no idea why. It is a bit like Honda quitting on the Civic (hang on I think they have).

However, a 12 year old bored with drumming and with angry neighbours was Panic Lounge’s gain. As our drummer, Ed, parted with the cash he said he was going to buy a microscope with! We suspect the neighbours are happy with his new hobby.

Electric kits will never match the true sound of a traditional kit and responsiveness of the skins. Now all Ed needs is a drum technician…..