Over the past year or so, we’ve been playing all of our gigs through John’s trusty old Yamaha PA system. And things have been pretty good. However, as we continue to drive more and more pumping funky, soul and rock n’ roll into our shows, it was clear that the Yamaha’s 600 watts just wasn’t enough anymore. So, the Yamaha rig has now returned to the relatively sedate environment of John’s Alta-ego, the Jules Thomas Jazz Trio. Nice. There, all it has to content with is an undemanding electric piano, John’s double bass and the silky vocals of Jules herself.

So, that meant we had to find a new rig, capable of handling the entire Panic Lounge line-up and more.

Enter Evie! To be precise – for all you tech heads out there – the EV Evolve 50 column PA system paired with the Mackie ProFX 16 channel mixer. In total, four cabinets, 18 speakers and 2,000 watts of incredibly detailed sound, all delivered from a remarkable small and neat package. Which just goes to prove that size really isn’t important… it’s how you handle it! With spatial sound design, meaning our music will sound awesome no matter where in the venue you’re dancing, and a crazy 2-minute set-up time, Evie is gonna make a huge difference to our shows.

Check out batsman, John, putting the new rig through its paces…

Come and check out Evie for yourself at the next Panic Lounge gig!