Rehearsals begin in earnest

Fate brought Panic Lounge together in late summer 2018 when a freak drought meant the boys had time on their hands because there was no need to mow the lawn. Ed got his drums out of the garage and dug out his Run DMC t-shirt. He invited local friend Charlie and persuaded much younger local teacher Joe that it would be more fun than it looked. Ed persuaded former band mate John it was worth an hour long trip from Hertfordshire by falsely promising he could play Level 42 style slap bass. Not wanting to be likened to Bros but with a keyboard, they then searched for a guitarist.

Charlie’s rowing mate Simon volunteered,  despite an initially poor pedal selection, and Panic Lounge was complete. They argued about songs, keys and names but found common ground in enjoying own brand Lidl beer ‘Argus’. The journey has begun and only an Uber app will tell Panic Lounge where it will finish.