Panic Lounge audiences are enthralled by the between-songs quality banter of our front man Charlie, but it is a daunting task for his team of writers to keep producing such high quality material. The challenge is only made worse by the fact that Simon is constantly fiddling around changing guitars between songs. Apparently they all have unique “tone”…..
But Panic Lounge have now rocketed into the future…! Following on from his inability to work an overly complicated floor pedal thing, Simon has bought himself another birthday present…. the Variax. In Simon’s words:
“It is a mighty beast, one axe to rule all of Mordor!”
Debuting the new toy at our most recent gig, the sounds of vintage Stratocasters, Les Pauls, Telecasters and even 12-string acoustic guitars could be heard annoying the neighbours in the sleepy Chiltern Hamlet of Ibstone. Those of keen ear will also note the delicate timbre of a banjo here and there, and special recognition will go to those who can spot the sitar when it breaks cover. We’d like to say that the instrument has transformed Simon’s playing…. and we’re sure that our audiences will be as thrilled with Simon’s new array of bizarre noises, as the rest of the band are.
Intrigued? Then come along and play “spot the sitar” at Maidenhead & Bray cricket club on Saturday June 8th when Panic Lounge play live at The Pavilion.