First gigs with a new band are a bit like taking a new girlfriend to meet your friends. You think the songs/gf are great but then love can be blind/deaf. They will like her/it so much more than the last gf/band because frankly you are punching far more above your weight – or have you just become one eyed. You are really into gf/music but there is every chance they will find band/gf as dull and self indulgent as the last one.

So in the spirit of all that Panic Lounge had its first public night out, after an Autumn and early winter of private loving, at Maidenhead’s top nightspot, the Blue River Cafe.

The audience were receptive to the newbie even if they were not that attractive. The personality on offer was well received and the new relationship gave some unexpected twists.

This analogy is now getting painful and I regret starting it, so back to a more normal blog.

The set started with Take Me Out and included classics from Red Hot Chilli Peppers to The Beatles. A few tweaks here and there required but the set went down better than can be expected.

Thanks to a great audience of over 60 people and hotel residents who stopped complaining post the sound check. We were pleased to get a bit of interest in future bookings and we did not set off the fire alarm with the smoke machine which was a bonus.



Were you at the gig? What did you think? Let us know using the comments box, below…